Monday, February 6, 2012

I Am Blown Away

I am always blown away when people tell me that they sent other people to my blog for inspiration.  Of course that is really what I hope for for this the blog but it always shocks me.  I am just a SAHM living in a small community in Utah raising 5 kids. I found this article that is way too kind.  This is written by a woman who I have admired for years.  She is a “super woman” in my eyes. She is a mom to almost 9 children, a runner, a woman of faith, so creative and drop dead gorgeous (recent swimsuit model by peoples choice)! Thanks Catey!  It is because of women like you that I desire to become more than I am today.  I want to the best I can be when I see your incredible example.

Catey recently started a new blog and is helping some of her friends lose weight and live healthier lives. I found this post below on her new blog and was flattered beyond words.  

Real Life Inspiration

Meet my friend Becky at
Yep, you read "becky loses 200".  As in 200 pounds.
She is one amazing and inspiring woman!
Every time I see her around the neighborhood I am still blown away at the transformation she has made in her life.  She started out at 390 pounds and has dropped down under 200 now.  She has completely turned her life and her lifestyle around.  She has always been a sweet person, but she just absolutely beams now!  I swear the woman is always glowing!  And yes, even when she's not sweating. :)  She made a huge huge commitment and really dug in and got down to business and is one of those people that still must put in a concentrated effort every single day to maintain the changes she has made.

When you have a minute go peek around her blog.
Amazing things are possible!


WOW! I sit here in tears wondering if these words are really about me.  I have been feeling a little down on myself wondering how I can really keep this up forever and this is exactly what I needed to remind myself that I can do this.  I can get up everyday and make good choices.  I have done it and I will continue to do it. and

 You can do it too!!!

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  1. I absolutely meant every word of it! And there are so many more words I wanted to add, but, well, they've already heard me talk so much about you that at that point I didn't need to for their benefit. lol And I'm so glad you saw it. :) I truly believe that you will never quite understand the endless number of people you have, and will continue to inspire throughout your life! Not only through your amazing accomplishment (and continued accomplishments), but especially through your amazing attitude, your outlook on life, and your beautiful representation of a valiant daughter of Heavenly Father!