Sunday, February 19, 2012

A New Look

I needed a fresh start after a very rough couple weeks eating.  After a day being pampered with a cut, color and eye brows then a beautiful evening at the Temple with my sweetheart I am ready to begin fresh again.  I haven’t had blonde in my hair for a couple years but I needed a new start.  I need to get back to eating just the healthy good stuff but this had been a week of cake decorating.  I’ll go 6 months with no cakes to make then this week 4 cakes and one is my first ever wedding cake.  I ate so much cake batter and frosting. 

jack's mission cake 019diva cakeguitar cakewedding cake 035

I should be 10 pounds heavier but I’m not getting on the scale until my body looks a little better in the mirror.  I usually eat the good stuff but lately I’m eating more than I need to and food is so comforting when I am stressed out.  I need a new comfort!  My dear husband helped me remember that heaven is on my side and I need to turn to Them often for help to overcome this.  I can’t even describe how strong the desire to eat is sometimes and I’ve given in too much lately.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day and I did much better today than yesterday. 

new haicuts 028b

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  1. You look amazing Becky!!!! Beautiful inside and out! You inspire me!