Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some Ways to Stay Motivated

I love to search the internet for great information.  I try to read a couple new sites every day on topics regarding health and fitness.  Knowledge is power and I need all the power I can get to keep my weight, eating, exercise and overall health in balance.  Here are a few new sites I ran across that have some good ideas.  Nothing earth shattering is found on these sites and I’m sure you’ve heard most of it before but sometimes we need a little reminder to keep us going.


This is a link to a great article with 6 ideas that will help you keep going toward your weight loss goal.



This link is ideas for eating right.



Inspiration to keep exercising.


One of the best things I have learned is that life is a marathon not a sprint and you just have to tackle each day as it comes,  Right now I am LOVING exercising but still working to eat a little less but I am finding joy in everyday.  I am not beating myself up over not eating “perfectly”.  I am human and I do make mistakes.  Even my Heavenly Father doesn’t expect perfection from me right now but I sure will keep trying to do a little better each day.  We are ALL in this together.  We need each other to stay focused on this journey.  When I was was in the midst of losing weight I thought that once the weight was gone that I could relax on the exercise and eating but I was wrong.  To be healthy is a daily choice.  Some days the food wins and some days my health wins BUT I must never lose sight of my goal to be happy with who I am and how I feel!!!

Make a choice today that will bring you closer to reaching your goals!

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