Monday, February 13, 2012

Elder Dalton


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Trish Austin has been Jack’s personal Trainer as he has lost weight.  I really wanted to coach Jack through this change but he is a wise man.  He sees me as a “mom” figure and he wanted someone that would push him and that he didn’t already have a close relationship with to be that person for him.  I gave my advice and helped with information and support but Sister Austin transformed this boy. 

I must share how she came to be his trainer. As I sat in their living room weeping with Jack and my best friend Stace (his mom) I thought of the tough road ahead of him.  (Jack was asked to lose a substantial amount of weight before his mission papers would be accepted.) I shared little bits and pieces of what I had learned and knew that there was a reason I had my journey just 2 years before.  I needed to be there for Jack to know that this is possible.  A person can truly change physically and in a short amount of time.  I prayed so hard in my mind that I could tell them what they needed to know. At that time her name came to my mind. Another friend had recently spent a few sessions with Trish and had told me what a great trainer she was.  The only reason she had been to her was because she had won a free month of training.  I do not think it is by chance that these events happened so that I would know what to tell Jack and Stace who they could seek out for more help.  Our Heavenly Father knows ALL and he puts people, Earthly angels, in our path that will help us achieve our goals and to gain even greater happiness.  What a blessing it has been to watch this transformation happen .  Jack is truly ready to serve the Lord! 


Elder Jack Dalton flies out tomorrow to Johannesburg, South Africa and will enter the Missionary Training Center there.  I am so proud of this boy!  My heart is bursting with love, excitement, pride and so many more emotions I can’t describe.  This young man is a spiritual giant.  He has done what he was asked to do in order to serve the Lord and he did an amazing job at it with a fantastic attitude. 

Jack is one of my heroes.  I know how difficult it is to lose weight.  I can’t imagine being 19 years old, working full-time and losing weight at the same time. The people of South Africa will be greatly blessed by Elder Dalton. 

I committed to Jack that when he returns in 2 years that I won't be any bigger than I am now and he committed back.  We have to stick together!  Living a healthy life is a challenge and a fight against the natural man but we are strong and we will win the fight! I will see you in two years Elder Dalton.  I can’t wait to see what these next two years have in store for you. 


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  1. I remember when you originally posted about Jack. Huge congrats to him! You are BOTH inspirational :)