Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 4

Yesterday I was so proud of myself.  I had a wedding cake to make.  Not just a simple wedding cake but a decadent heavy dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache dripping over it.  Divine!  Guess what, not one lick! Nope!  I kept my self control and never even tasted any of it. It smelled heavenly, every part of it! 

Today I started the day with a lovely walk/run up the end of the road.  3 miles with a bit of an incline.  It felt great to get my heart pumping a little!

Breakfast: 6 cups water, strawberries (2 cups) 100 cal, vanilla carbmaster yogurt 60 cal.

Lunch: boca burger 70cal, flat bread wrap 100 cal, relish 15 cal, nectarine 90 cal, tortilla chips 170 cal, 2 cups water

Dinner: Olive Garden lasagna primavera with grilled chicken  (under 575) 550 cal, salad (dressing on the side) 120 cal, 4 cups water

Snacks: small banana 70 cal, tortilla chips 100 cal, celery 15 cal, skinny cow chcolate truffle ice cream bar 100 cal, 4 cups water

Exercise: 3 miles walking/running

Total water: 16 cups

Total calories: 1560 calories

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