Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Half the Woman I used to be. - May 26th 2010

What a wonderful birthday gift I have given myself! The scale says that I have lost 50%!!! I type this through tears of joy and great accomplishment! I have desired to reach this goal but didn't know if I could make it happen by today, MY DAY! I have found myself in losing myself. I feel like I am now twice the woman I used to be. I can now LIVE. I don't just sit by but fully participate in life! This is the BEST Birthday present I've ever and will ever give myself. Happy Birthday to the new Becky Jones!!! (I still don't always recognize myself when I glance in the mirror.)What a difference a year can make!

Some of my favorite comments from my weight loss:

  • I overheard Brandon telling Nathan about how I look now, "She looks like 20 years old now!"
  • A neighbor that spends only the spring and summer months here commented to Dan that he honestly thought he had really gotten himself a new wife. He later figured out that I was still the same woman just smaller.
  • Wow, is that really you? Amazing!
  • You had to have had surgery or something! (Nope! Just tons of hard work!!!)
  • "Sister Jones, I didn't believe my Mom when she told me that was you over here, but it is you, wow!"
  • She told me that was you from the back and I couldn't believe it.
  • What do you think of your new wife? (of course directed to Dan)

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