Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still Going Strong - July 30, 2010

Jones Family Campout June 2010

Life has been too busy for blogging. I'll catch up on everything soon. Anyway here is a little nibble on my summer. That's me on the zip line at YW Camp. What an experience. That will be a whole post in itself. I'm still running (about 20 miles/week) and eating right most of the time (I'm back to eating sweets and just working out a little harder to accommodate the calories.). I've been maintaining between 184 and 187 for a month or so and it feels great. I must admit I do miss some of my padding when I bump into things or when I have to sit for very long. It's wonderful to fit into size 10 jeans comfortably. What a huge difference a year makes!!!!!

YW Camp Cresent Regional

Pedicure with the YW ladies. Way too much fun. Really!!! Love the number on the scale too!

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