Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 9th, 2009

I have had several people ask me if I am continuing to lose weight. The answer is yes! I am not killing myself to lose it like I was when I was in the competition but it coming off slow and steady. I am watching calories but not limiting any certain foods. Just portion control mostly. I still exercise 30 min in the morning sometimes more 6 days a week and then an hour at night, while watching tv, of hand weights, leg lifts, stomach crunches and exercise ball stuff. So cardio in the morning and toning at night. The great news is that I am now 100 pounds lighter than I was on my birthday back in May. (92 pounds since I actively started trying to lose weight.) If you asked me 6 months ago if it was physically possible to do so without surgery I would have said no but the human body is amazing! I did this myself (with my Heavenly Father's help)! And it feels AMAZING!!!!! I still want to weigh at least the same as my sweet hubby so I have 12 pounds to go to my ultimate goal. Oh and those jeans I mentioned that I was hoping to fit into, well I've been wearing them for 2 weeks now. Hopefully I'll drop another size by Thanksgiving!

Remember that all things are possible with the Lord's help. I truly believe I couldn't have done this without the fasting and prayer! No matter what trial you have, it is possible to overcome it when you apply the Atonement of our Savior.

(Sorry about the picture taken in the mirror but it is so hard to take a picture with the timer and have it turn out.)

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