Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a Crazy Ride This Is - June 8th, 2010

It is so hard to believe what a huge difference a year has made in my life. The whole course of life as I knew it has changed. So, what got me into deep thinking mode? Well, I went to donate blood tonight with Dan. I was so nervous. I don't mind needles but I was worried they wouldn't find a vein or that they'd find something wrong and then I would be sent home. Of course my worries were for nothing and to hear from professionals how healthy I am was amazing.

My pulse was 48 beats per minute. Anything under 50 requires a supervisor override. What's the big deal with that? Well, if you aren't an athlete in training then they would worry that I had a heart condition with an irregular heartbeat. So I told them that I run about 5K every day. They were so impressed and wondered if I was a marathon runner. What me?! an athlete! That is crazy!!! He told me you have a very healthy heart and will live a real long life.

Then my blood pressure was awesome, 110/70, even with my nerves which a year ago I was lucky to get 140/90. And then to boost me just a little more I bleed well, really well (I filled the bags in 3 min 20 seconds which was the fastest time most of them had even seen and the best time of the day.) and he had the pick of two great veins. Just 6 months ago the nurse had to use a butterfly IV out of the top of my hand for a blood test because my veins were so bad.

A crazy ride indeed!!! I am so thankful for this healthy strong heart and body. I realize I have done the hard work to get here but to hear it come from others, especially in the medical world is really cool! It feels good to finally start to believe the compliments and comments I hear from others on this huge change.

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