Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Healthy? - Sept 15, 2010

Today according to all of the BMI charts I am considered a “healthy” weight. This has been a goal in the back of my mind from the beginning but of course felt it was unreachable. Well, I hit that weight today but I am not thrilled with it. I am actually disappointed in myself. I am too skinny! I’m sure you never thought you’d hear those words come out of my mouth but it is true. I have a HUGE bone structure. Not large or extra large but HUGE! BMI says that all body types are figured into their equations hence the 20 pound spread but I don’t agree. My body looks great with clothes and I love wearing a size 8-10, sometimes even a small 4-6 in T-shirts but I don’t look healthy under it all. I’m skin and bones. All of my bones are sticking out from my shoulders down to my hips. I do of course still have a lot of excess skin hanging that doesn’t help how my body looks but I just wish my body looked healthy. My face is too thin and on and on. I need to find a way to have a healthy self-image. How do I get there? I definitely don’t want to gain back any weight but what to do from here? I am really at a loss. I am so proud of my accomplishments but I’m not happy with this too skinny body I now have!!!

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  1. You are not too skinny! I think you are just not used to looking like this. I think you look amazing!